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We provide affordable music clearance and licensing services for all types of film, TV, ads and video game projects. Our longstanding, established relationships with major and indie music labels, publishing companies and music estate holders provide a quick turnaround and the best fees.

Meet The Team

Juliette J Lyrique Ford, CEO

Founded by, Juliette Renae Ford also known as Juliette J Lyrique Ford CEO, songwriter.


“It came to me a day after I got home from vacationing in Nashville, Tennessee. The music-infused city influenced me to create the lane I’ve been waiting for someone to create for me. I visited the Augusta Film Office in my hometown of Augusta, Georgia and asked if I could head up the music department for film and tv shows that come to our area. After they gave me the green light, I called up a few of my music and filmmaking friends and built a team of Music Supervisors.


During a conversation I was having with a film editor I came up with the name Reel Music Group. Our team of Music Supervisors are all composers embarking on a new area of expertise on this platform. We are all excited and looking forward to working together to place your music in film, tv, and video games!”

Robert Morrison

Film Composer, multi-talented producer and arranger, Rob has earned various awards for a plethora of artists. When Beyoncé released her Multi-Platinum “Dangerously In Love” album in 2004, it featured the smash hit “Crazy In Love”, which earned Rob a Grammy and a Certified Gold record for his outstanding keyboard arrangement and musicianship for the remix.


Rob has worked for Vassal Benford esteemed music producer as a session composer and music arranger for Grammy Award winning producer R. Kelly as a session keyboardist. Rob has also work with the Sofia Session Orchestra of Bulgaria conducting scoring sessions for the upcoming film “Gandhi The Conspiracy.”


Rob has been described as “The Sixth Man of Music” scoring many independent films and a few major productions. He has been compared to phenomenal composers like Brian Tyler, Danny Effman and Hans Zimmer. He recognizes that much of his success as an arranger and a musician comes from his mentor and longtime friend Morris Hayes (keyboard player for the late artist “Prince’).


Rob Diggy summarizes his accomplishments with this quote: “Perseverance is the key that unlocks the door to success.”

Aubrey Pompey

Every champion needs a coach, a mentor- someone who would hold their hand and lead them through the pits of downfall up towards the peaks of success. For the young, diverse and struggling artists, Pompey plays such a role, giving them an opportunity to work with his production company.


Born, raised, and currently a resident of South Carolina, Pompey discovered his passion for music when he was just 3 years old. His attraction to tunes, beats, and rhythms soon transpired into his zeal for a career in the industry and as he grew up, he began to experiment with different kinds of genres and instrumentals.


Pompey identifies his music production to be heavily inclined by hip-hop with subtle influences of Pop and R&B. He considers it to be his moral duty to contribute to a positive social change, something that can be incited with the power of music. This is why, Pompey works with fresh voices and young talent to give them a platform where they can prove their artistic worth out to the world and be recognized for their abilities, not their brand name.

A lot of fans have compared Pompey’s style to that of a young Quincy Jones with fusions from the hip-hop genre. He himself believes that he is somewhat similar to Electric and diverse.


Pompey has been affiliated with Koda’s Kids Foundation. He produced their theme song, “Winner.”


Pompey takes pride in his label’s latest releases with “I’m Just Human” by Klutch Tha GameShifta (Full Album May 2018), “Heavy Lies The Head” by Andreas Smith & Various Artists (Full Album June 2018), “Understood 4o’Sho” by Truzy (Single, May 2018), “One” by Burroughs T (Single from the EP, “Trapped”, May 2018) and “Neighbor” by The Love (Single, May 2018) to name a few.


At present, Pompey is entirely focused on working with new voices of diverse genres as well as finishing his own project.

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